Food for thought

I recently had a learned gentleman post a comment on this blog (which I have been very remiss about updating recently), asking me, in essence, why I choose to air my family’s dirty laundry in such a public way. I had to consider his comment for a bit, because I viewed this blog to be a sort of public note-taking process in my quest to discover what circumstances created me and my family. The whole thing is poorly organized, so it wouldn’t make much of a resource of anyone searching for family dirt, unless/until Google becomes sentient.

But I have to admit there is a bit of a harsh tone here sometimes. It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t witnessed or experienced the dark side of fundamentalist religion. However, an old friend of mine recently posted an article which pretty exactly encapsulates the process that the “backsliders” go through in re-establishing their own faith journey after rejecting it altogether. It’s a halting, tentative process, and it’s filled with negative emotions. Some of my readers will understand this. Others won’t.

So, for those of you who come here expecting a scholarly work, I apologize. This is nothing of the sort.


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