Best recruiting tool ever

How did I miss this one? It seems our increasingly corrupt Congress slipped a little exemption clause into the Big Bad Health Care Bill for the Old Order Amish. Who knew they had such political clout? Are politicians still falling for the old ruse that the Amish will suddenly up and move to South America if we make them do something they don’t like? Are they that scared of losing their little country-fried tourist traps?

There really is no reason to blame the Amish for this. Good for them. They managed to score a federal loophole just on reputation alone. However, the sponsor of this exemption should be horse whipped. It’s blatantly unconstitutional; it will definitely force a federal court decision that will have far-reaching unintended consequences; and I’m sure it will lead to an explosion of “Amish” among the paranoid Teabagger set. Because you know very well that no one from Washington is actually going to drive out to determine which of these “Amish” do or do not use electricity and gas-powered transportation.


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