Sympathy for the devil

Ever had one of those days where everything just seems to be going wrong? That must be the way the executioner of Jelis Strings, Pieter Potvliet and Jelis Potvliet must have felt.

These three perps were picked up in 1562 in Flanders for being all Antibaptisty. They were carted four hours away for trial, held for three months, convicted and then carted back to their hometown to be roasted. Everything was all set up in the market square – straw, logs and a bloodthirsty crowd. Perfect.

Then it rains. And it pours. And all the executioner’s hard work goes to waste. The bailiff is a little squeamish about subjecting his prisoners to a slow smoking, rather than the usual roaring hellfire. So, the trio is sentenced to beheading instead.

Strings is the first to the block, and he’s raising a ruckus with a monk. The monk calls him a liar, and Strings says that the Pope is the Antichrist. But, eventually, the mouthy convict quiets up, and the executioner pops his head off with no problem. He takes care to cover the headless body with wood, so that the second convict doesn’t have to see all the gore. Nice guy.

Pieter Potvliet is also wordy, reciting prayers and scripture and whatnot, causing the executioner to lose his concentration. What followed was not pretty:

The executioner soon wielded his sword, dealing him five strokes, on shoulder, head and neck, before he finished his work on him; whereupon he covered the dead body, as he had done the others.


One Response to “Sympathy for the devil”

  1. OriginalSinnick Says:

    Sympathy for the Devil? Rolling Stones?

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