Hardcore idiocy

The Pastoral Musings blog alerted me to a fresh collision between an outdated Old Order Mennonite Ordnung and modernity.

According to Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier newspaper, and Iowan state representative is now publicly lecturing the state’s attorney general about free speech law, because his Mennonite constituents don’t want to put tires on their steel-wheeled 19th-Century farm equipment, per county law.

I’m sorry, steel wheels have ceased to be a sign of plain, ordinary living and nor are they a free speech matter. They are now a bizarre throwback infliction on modern asphalt roads. These Mennonites are not digging in their heels over a matter of scripture, just a matter of personal identity. This is just good old Hochmut raising its head again, or it is an example of Anabaptists’ historical inability to modify their communities’ Ordnung without a nasty, divisive throwdown.

And oh, Mitchell County? If the Old Order Mennonites haven’t left Southern Maryland yet, they aren’t leaving your county anytime soon either, especially not in the middle of a recession.


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