“Oh, how you murder me!”

Another botched execution. This one occurred to poor Jan Jans Brant in 1559 in Geervliet in South Holland. Brant is one of the few men I have seen in the Martyrs Mirror who was sentenced to die by drowning, rather than at the stake. In fact, burning seems to be less and less popular. I’m seeing more beheading as well.

Anyway, Brant’s friends managed to keep him from being killed two weeks after his apprehension and inquisition, so, instead, he languished in prison for a month before finally being dragged out to his death.

The executioner tied him into a sack, and cast them from the high Hofbrugh [bridge]. The sack bursting open, the executioner struck him with a stick on his body, so that he called from the water, “Oh, how you murder me!” Many were moved to pity, that he had to die so miserably.

Update: Having now finished the Mirror, I’ve come to realize that drowning is far more common than I initially supposed, and burning remained a pretty popular executuion method throughout the 16th Century.


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