Grief and despair

They rage and destroy the sanctuary of the Christians. They have trampled it underfoot, and the abomination of desolation is worshipped as God. They have destroyed thy holy city, overthrown thy holy altar, and killed the servants in it, wherever they could apprehend them.

And now that we remain as a little flock, they have driven us with reproach and disgrace to every country. We are scattered like sheep that have no shepherd. We have to abandon house and home and are as the night ravens, which lodge in the rocks.  …We go about in forests and are hunted with dogs. …We are proclaimed rebels and heretics. We are led as sheep to slaughter. Many sit in distress and bonds, and their bodies have perished. …The believers have been hanged on trees, strangled, cut to pieces, drowned secretly and openly. …Still the world is not at rest, but rages like a madman and forges lies against us. They cease not to burn and kill. They make the world too small for us.

…Oh Lord, how long wilt thou be silent with regard to this? How long wilt thou not judge the blood of thy saints?

– Leonard Schoener, Rothenburg, 1528


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