Martyred by the Muslims: Pelagius of Cordova

An artist's rendition of King Habdarrhaghmann

An artist's rendition of King Habdarrhaghmann

Pelagius of Cordova had one of the most horrid lives imaginable, even for 925 A.D.

At the age of 13, Pelagius’s uncle, the Bishop Ermoigus, put the kid upĀ  for bail to escape the clutches of “the Arabian King Habdarrhaghman.” Three years went by and, wouldn’t you know it, no one ever came back to claim Pelagius.

Pelagius was called before Habdarrhaghman, supposedly to receive his uncle’s punishment. And then, according to the Martyrs Mirror, things got weird.

But the king, having in mind something else than to hear the confession … proposed to the youth, who was quite innocent in evil, some improper things, which this hero of Christ … refused.

I chopped out some of the flowery language, but the basic premise is there. It appears that the queen king propositioned young Pelagius, who would have none of it. Hell hath no fury like Habdarrhaghman scorned, apparently. He ordered that the youth be tortured with hot tongs. But that didn’t break the boy’s spirit (it never does in these stories). The next part is a little harsh for those of you who are eating at the moment.

As he thus stood before the king, dripping with blood from his previous tortures, he prayed to none than to Jesus Christ our Lord, saying, “O Lord, deliver me out of the hands of mine enemies.” When he lifted up his hands to God [in prayer], the executioners pulled them apart and cut off first one arm and then the other; thus also his legs and lastly his head. When this was done, the pieces were thrown in the river.


3 Responses to “Martyred by the Muslims: Pelagius of Cordova”

  1. An Anabaptist hagiography of a Catholic saint, the very definition of irony!

  2. Bruce Smith Says:

    Wow. Didn’t want the Royal sausage so they chopped him up? Man, the times they are a changin’! They could have at least left one arm so he could flounder around or sumpthin’!

  3. Bruce Smith Says:

    Man, I guess. He should have accepted the offer and removed the end of the king’s scepter. That King is a gay brute!

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