The absurdity of the Eurcharist

french-last-supperI was sitting in church this Sunday thinking, as I often do, about how the sacrament of the Eucharist has become completely altered beyond anything Christ’s original followers would recognize. I can picture gruff St. Peter showing up to service one day and thinking out loud, “You people are just stupid.”

Think about it. The Last Supper recounted in the gospels was a group of less than 20 people kickin’ it around a table, munching bread and slurping wine after a long trip to Jerusalem. When Jesus broke the bread and passed the wine, I strongly doubt he had everyone line up at the table on their knees and ritualistically consume the goods. His sharing was an act of camaraderie, a symbolic binding of friendship and love.

How the nonsense of transubstantiation (the belief that the bread and wine actually become flesh and blood) ever got started, I’ll never know. You’d have to be retarded to believe the Jesus, who reveled in metaphor and trope, would hand out bread and seriously claim it was chunks of himself. The key phrase was “Do this in remembrance of me.” The gospel writers say he knew he was about to die. He was admonishing his followers to continue to meet, eat together and celebrate his memory.

It’s refreshing to see that, even though the Anabaptist sects got hung up on so many other stupid things, they generally agreed that the Eucharist does not rise to the supernatural level. I’ve seen a few arguments to that affect in the Martyr’s Mirror. However, they still practice a closed communion, excluding those who are not church members.

At least our Episcopal church has an open communion. We don’t check your denomination card before turning out the watered-down wine and chewy wafers.


One Response to “The absurdity of the Eurcharist”

  1. Katie Johnson Says:

    Making fun of not just the catholic church, but also women is no acceptable. Women do not need to act like men just to be on the same level as them. Saying that jeans will make women be equal to men is absurd. It is offensive to women and catholics, and that is more then half the population.

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